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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Char Kway Teow

seah im food centre.

Friday, June 16, 2006

garlic prawn pasta

ok seriously. this has to be the best pasta EVER.

Coffee Club Garlic Prawn Pasta.

the photo doesn't do justice to the food. like seriously. the prawn is almost transparent and it explodes in your mouth in tangy juicyness. it really tasted like they just dumped the live prawns into boiling water and then put it on the plate.. together with the lightly olive-oiled pasta tossed with delicious herbs and garlic. oh the garlic. umm. the taste is still lingering.. (in a good way). and this pasta was given the Excellent Food Award.. and seriously. the taka branch is supposedly the best out of the 3 branches available. i never knew that coffee club (not express!) is so good~ and the price is not like outrageous. its like swensens range, but the food is no where near swensens - its way beyond.

plus, the MUDDY MUD PIE!

who can resist a giant slab of coffee and chocolate ice cream sitting in a lake of chocolate sauce with cocoa power sprinkled all on top? with a chewy, unidentified chocolate?cocoa?coffee? base that taste oh so orgasmic. its an attack on your tastebuds that will go straight to your head. yummm. it won the food award too and its damn famous. for good reason.

coffee club, i LUB CHEW!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

chinatown ah balling

sorry sorry for the lack of updates!

but here it is.. introducing you to my favourite snack when i get tired of walking around chinatown.. the famous ah balling! they are actually "tang yuan", in peanut or almond soup, and they are gorgeous. the soup is not overly sweet, and the tang yuans are bursting inside with filling. best part is the price, where it is just a mere $2 for a bowl of six balls, with the wonderful soup as well! its not the clear syrup, but the goey, fragrant soup made of peanuts cooked so soft and sweet.

the stall is found at the street where the entire street is lined with stalls in wooden carts. it should not be too hard to find if you get out from the chinatown mrt stop and walk a bit along. flavours of the dumplings include sesame, peanut, yam, green tea and red bean.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

NTU Food Review

ok ok so i've haven been updating since ages and ages. that's for a very good reason actually. i was busy tasting the life of uni. haha k erm pun intended. cold, i know. to actually make a small comeback, i shall do a food review of all the canteens in NTU! how cool is that! actually, i've only been to Quad, Can A, Can B, Can 1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 14. but that is enough! cos i say it is!

good place for food! among one of the best eating places in NTU, with its excellent western food like roast lamb and beef. and the japanese is not that bad too. but i must rave about its chicken rice. so what if its 3.80 and a bit on the pricey side? its worth it! freaking damn nice the best in NTU. the portions are just nice, with the ingredients placed separately. there's veggies and nice chilli and dessert as well! only complain is the bland soup. but the rice is cooked to fragrant perfection w/o being too oily. thumbs up!

Can A
the one with cheap Macs and average stalls. try the western mix grill, its not bad. pple say the mee sua there is nice but not tried. duck rice too. erm, the strawberry milk from the fruit stall is water + strawberry flavour. the chicken rice there is only 1.50. the cheapest in campus i believe. fruit stall has the most variety. i saw huge papayas in baskets stored in front of the stall. no kidding this stall knows what its doing.

Can B
the one where everyone goes to because they have no other choice. they have radioactive chinese noodles. the one with the orange gravy that looks like toxic waste. the stalls are basically crap. but the vegetarian stall has some saving grace. the fake meats tasted damn real! erm, the yongtaofoo stall has bland soup and blah ingredients. muslim stall has $1.50 meesiam but dun buy cos it sucks! yeah. never tried the chicken rice in can B. advice- avoid can b if you can cos its crowded, without good food. its only good for chatting over a cup of coffee when school's over cos its big and windy.

Can 1
$2 chicken rice is good. the portions are huge. can 1 is alright in general but it can get v.boring after a while with just a few stalls. the sour spicy noodle thing is reallly spicy. ohh try the fried carrot cake! NICE. andddd can 1 porridge stall is quite famous too. the you tiao is very crispy. yummy.

Can 2
supposedly the best hall canteen around, it is run by students so there is a certain standard. great variety, you can find things like muajii and tealeaf egg to vietnamese food there. the western is alright, i heard the pork chop is not bad. there's $2 chicken rice too! and its pretty alright as well, the soup is its distinctive style with the herby kinda taste. don't ever try the vegetarian. it really sunk to rock bottom in my book after the black pepper fake-chicken rice i had. wahhh lao damn gross. mixed rice not bad, there's porridge as well. and its cheap. they serve breakfast runnyeggs and toast. good for morning people.

Can 3
ahh, a love-hate relationship. as all cs students know, it is The Canteen That Stinks. but it has good food. and people are willing to brave through grease and stink to get it. but they should seriously do something to the ventilation system. anyhow, the chapchaipeng aka mix rice there is good. they are very bigshot so only open for short hours so you have to catch them! (maybe thats why. rare=good) yeah it has variety and it gives a lot. so whee. the western is not bad too, i highly recommend the Chicken Stew. it is essentially loads of chicken chunks, pototoes and carrots with campbell mushroom soup. haha. nice comfort food. erm, yes the mee hoon kweh not bad. and there's century egg porridge on some days! freaking exotic can but damn nice hah. and the dessert stall auntie is super super nice. give her a hug!

Can 4
my very own hall canteen. imagine my shock when i went there day one and saw ONE stall. for the entire canteen. but ok la its really not tat bad after the initial shock, cos you see, that one stall bao ga liao everything, so everything also cook. got hokkien mee fried rice claypot and stuff. salad crispy chicken a huge hit. i like their chicken cutlet horfun. very fun! hehe. the chestnut water is they make one so its worth the 90cents. erm, ya. hall 4 is nice cos apparently all the hall 5 pple comes to 4 to eat. that also says something about 5's canteen standard. haha.

Can 13
ahh! its the one with western food. best western in NTU. yummy. yummy. yummy. (but i had a fren who had food poisoning after eating its hotplate steak. eat at ur own risk!) pic below shows the sirloin. red juicy meat. ooh lala.

Can 14
jap food!!!! fried tofu!! the huge Dons. YUMMY.

haha i'm tired i'm blogging this at 3am hence the progressively short reviews. erm, who wins overall? i would say its a fight between the Quad and Can 3. you decide. upmarket price, or stinky clothes.

Monday, July 11, 2005

otis spunkmeyer muffin

okok, i know i haven't been updating recently but its cos i can't exactly chew due to my new braces. but never fear, for i've found the Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip muffins! they are so so good you feel like eating them forever and ever.. it satisfies your chocolate craving without the guilt of a chocolate candybar. filled with so many chocolate chips its almost like a chocolate cake. moist, rich and light.

you can get it from 7-11 stores at 1.30 each. slightly expensive, but worth every cent. go on, try it today!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ikea Food

cheesecake, originally uploaded by takeko.

so you wonder what's good to eat at ikea. ok, 2 words.



its that simple. where else can u get swedish meatballs that easily? ok, it might not be as nice as the really original ones from sweden (i tried em b4! heavenly.) but the taste is not that far off. its a dozen for 6.50 i think with mashed potatoes and sauce and cranberry jam. yummmy. u can buy the meatballs from the swedish market downstairs if you wanna cook them at home.

and also get the cheesecake from the Cafe and Restaurant in Ikea. its not cakey nor too cheesy, so its like a perfect blend of soft dessert goodness. does not make you feel sick if you eat too much. Very very nice :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

berrynice yoghurt

Originally uploaded by takeko.
this, is mac's new offering to the masses in lieu of their sudden interest in health and fitness *cough supersize me *cough* so it added 2 permanent items on its menu, the Chicken Foldover and Berrynice Yoghurt. keep having trouble spelling the sour milk aka yoghurt. and how do u spell weird? or wierd? haha. weird is correct.

so i din try the former item, which i heard is pretty good actually. i did, however, embark to waste 2.50 on this cup of thing, against the strong encouragement of my fren to NOT waste my money, for the sake of this blog. dear reader, do you feel honoured? i did it all for you.

anyway i'll be fine if they gave me only the white stuff and the berries. NOT the honey oats and strawberries buried underneath. the honey oats simply remind me strongly of fudge's food. it even smells the same! after inspection of my hamster's food i find honey oats inside too in liberal servings. what a total turn off. the berries are nice though, they r the only thing that kept me going. the yohgurt itself is just plain normal yo that u can get in like NTUC for 5bux a tub. the strawberries i had were extremely huge but very sour and stale.

conclusion? you can only eat this once.